Nanaimo Yacht Club Sailing Training Programs are Open to Everyone

Our programs offer opportunities for everyone to come along and enjoy time out on the water. Novice sailing classes to expert recreational sailing and racing session, we have something for everyone. Grab a friend and join us!

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What to bring...

  • Bring clothes appropriate for the weather, a towel and full change of clothes each day. When it is cold, fleece layers are ideal as cotton does not stay warm when wet. Be sure to bring a wind and water-proof layer as well! No jeans please!
  • To protect yourself from the sun bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. We recommend you apply sunscreen before you arrive, as well as throughout the day.
  • Students are required to wear shoes at all times, even swimming. Closed toed shoes (eg. water shoes & wetsuit booties) are highly recommended. Teva style sandal and sneakers or runners are acceptable, flip flops are not acceptable.
  • NYC encourages a healthy lifestyle, so please make sure you pack a snack and lunch. Also bring a water bottle that can be brought out on the water.
  • We often have picnic style lunches in locations other than at the NYC. Please pack your child’s lunch and snacks in an easy to carry case or bag. Lunch and snack times may vary.
  • We encourage you to use your own Canadian Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device. If you do not own one NYC has extra that students may borrow.
  • Wetsuits and sailing gloves are not required but feel free to bring them along! Remember that wetsuits are designed to work once you are wet and must fit correctly, so you will likely be more comfortable in layered clothing. Rubber gardening gloves are a reasonable alternative to expensive sailing gloves.
  • There are cubbies to store your gear. Please make sure everything fits neatly in one bag. Nothing can be left lying about at the club or on the docks.
  • Please leave anything of value or anything that doesn’t agree with salt water at home. NYC will not be held responsible for items that go missing or are damaged.


What to expect...

  • Participants will be on the water rain or shine.
  • Instructors endeavour to have sailors sailing in appropriate and safe conditions.
  • As sailing is a water sport, expect to get wet every day, especially your feet!
  • The goal of sailing is to avoid capsizing, however, even the best sailors capsize sometimes! Sailors will be instructed on capsizing and self-rescue. Everyone must capsize, but don’t worry, it’s all done in a controlled and supported environment the first time.
  • Supervision between 8:45am and 4:15 pm for full day programs.
  • Supervision from 8:45am-12:15 pm  or 12:45pm-4:15pm for half day programs.
  • Fun, safe, high quality programming delivered by certified Sail Canada Instructors!


What we expect...

  • Participants must be able to follow instructions in order to participate in programs at the Nanaimo Yacht Club.
  • If you are unable to attend please call 250-754-7011 before 9am of the day in question.
  • Please make sure your child signs in with the instructor at the beginning of the day and signs out again at the end of the day.
  • Participants will be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of their program and will be dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of their program.
  • Participants will arrive with enough clothing, footwear, sun protection, food and water for the day in order to be comfortable and safe.
  • Instructors will be informed of any medical or special needs of a participant.


Where to meet...

  • Sailing Programs meet at the main entrance across from the gates to the docks.
  • Parking for drop off and pick up is on Newcastle Ave. or Townsite Ave.
  • Please remember to sign in and out with your Instructor!
  • View our location on Google maps, click here (opens in new window).


Cancellation and Enrollment Policy

A cancellation fee of $50 (plus applicable credit card transaction fees) will be charged on ALL cancelled registrations. No refunds for cancellations made less than 14 days prior to the start of a course. All courses subject to a minimum enrollment. If placed on a waitlist, interest in enrollment is assumed. Should a vacancy arise, automatic enrollment in the course will take place and the cancellation and enrollment policy takes effect.