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Posted by: Chris Campbell

Contact:, 2506163780 or6414

Posted on: May 09, 22, Renewed on: Aug 08, 22

The New York 36 - Serendipity at dock J36

It was built in 82 after two designs by New York Yacht club dreamers, built in California among about 180 builds. 

Reality is that almost everything has happened since we bought it in 2007 - engine , rig, electronics, power, heat, plumbing, cushions, shelter, an endless list and we have genuinely listed insurance at $120  in case we needed to claim! Many of you know my sone hit arock and the keel was removed and refitted while all the support in the hull was reinforced and we can say that the bolt attachment on this older craft is known best attached - unlike most of the rest of the club.

Did I mention the young recently serviced genoa or the almost brand new hightech North?

I am coming out of 11 days of hospital wit a brain carried cancer changing immediate life and the future so my much loved boat project could go to sea tomorrow if you want it.

Seems I can have enthusiatic dicussion to see it used and owned elsewhere, so will get aformal listing soon if nobody jumps forward to chat soon.

can provde lots of pics