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Posted by: Richard Sims

Contact: cell 250-619-9670.

Posted on: Apr 01, 21

18" Taylor Made Mooring Ball


18” Taylor Made Sur-Moor T3C mooring buoy with 36 feet of Grade 8 chain. 100 lbs buoyancy. This is all set up for Lake usage but you could buy ocean chain and use it there too. This is a fully set up buoy c/w:

- 25 feet of 3/8” grade 8 bottom chain

- 11 feet of 5/16” grade 8 riser chain

- 2 specialty Omega chain links ie $$$$

- 2 four foot pendants of 5/8” rope with galvanized thimbles

- 1 - 3/4” pear ring

- 3 - 1/2” shackles

This setup was used for one summer. I have over $650 invested in it. The buoy alone is $371.85 at Amazon or $441.90 from and even higher from marine outlets.

If you're waiting for a mooring space at NYC this could solve your problem for a while. I can also point out the position of a large concrete weight with a stainless steel bar for attaching this to in Hammond Bay, though you'd have to change out the chain to use it there.

I have this posted for $300 on Facebook MarketPlace but will sell for $275 to a fellow NYC member.

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